Mineralogy and geochemistry of Mg-phyllosilicates from Middle Valley, northern Juan de Fuca Ridge, supplement to: Buatier, Martine D; Frueh-Green, Gretchen L; Karpoff, Anne Marie (1995): Mechanisms of Mg-phyllosilicate formation in a hydrothermal system at a sedimented ridge (Middle Valley, Juan de Fuca). Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 122(1-2), 134-151

Martine D Buatier, Gretchen L Frueh-Green & Anne Marie Karpoff
We present results of a detailed mineralogical and geochemical study of the progressive hydrothermal alteration of clastic sediments recovered at ODP Site 858 in an area of active hydrothermal venting at the sedimented, axial rift valley of Middle Valley (northern Juan de Fuca Ridge). These results allow a characterization of newly formed phyllosilicates and provide constraints on the mechanisms of clay formation and controls of mineral reactions on the chemical and isotopic composition of hydrothermal...
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