Distribution of lithic fragments and the planktic foraminifera Neogloboquadrina pachyderma in quaternary sediments of DSDP Hole 94-609 (Table 2), supplement to: Broecker, Wallace S; Bond, Gerard C; Klas, Mieczyslawa; Clark, Elizabeth; McManus, Jerry F (1992): Origin of the northern Atlantic's Heinrich events. Climate Dynamics, 6(3-4), 265-273

Wallace S Broecker, Gerard C Bond, Mieczyslawa Klas, Elizabeth Clark & Jerry F McManus
As first noted by Heinrich, 1988, glacial age sediments in the eastern part of the northern Atlantic contain layers with unusually high ratios of ice-rafted lithic fragments to foraminifera shells. He estimated that these layers are spaced at intervals of roughly 10000 years. In this paper we present detailed information documenting the existence of the upper five of these layers in ODP core 609 from 50°N and 24 °W. Their ages are respectively 15000 radiocarbon...
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