Rare earth and trace elements in igneous and metamorphic minerals of oceanic gabbros from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, supplement to: Cortesogno, Luciano; Gaggero, Laura; Zanetti, Alberto (2000): Rare earth and trace elements in igneous and high-temperature metamorphic minerals of oceanic gabbros (MARK area, Mid-Atlantic Ridge). Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 139(4), 373-393

Luciano Cortesogno, Laura Gaggero & Alberto Zanetti
SIMS analyses have been carried out on clinopyroxenes, plagioclases and amphiboles of six gabbroic samples from Holes 921-924 of the Ocean Drilling Program Leg 153 sited in the MARK area of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at the ridge-transform intersection, to investigate the rare earth, trace and volatile element distribution in the lower ocean crust during igneous crystallization and higher grade metamorphic conditions. The metagabbros underwent granulite to subgreenschist facies conditions through three main tectono-metamorphic phases: (1)...
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