Element analyses and isotope composition of basalts from the West Valley segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge, northeast Pacific, supplement to: Cousens, Brian L; Allan, James F; Leybourne, Matthew I; Chase, R L; van Wagoner, Nancy (1995): Mixing of magmas from enriched and depleted mantle sources in the northeast Pacific: West Valley segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 120(3-4), 337-357

Brian L Cousens, James F Allan, Matthew I Leybourne, R L Chase & Nancy van Wagoner
The 50 km-long West Valley segment of the northern Juan de Fuca Ridge is a young, extension-dominated spreading centre, with volcanic activity concentrated in its southern half. A suite of basalts dredged from the West Valley floor, the adjacent Heck Seamount chain, and a small near-axis cone here named Southwest Seamount, includes a spectrum of geochemical compositions ranging from highly depleted normal (N-) MORB to enriched (E-) MORB. Heck Seamount lavas have chondrite-normalized La/Sm en...
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