Element analyses and isotopic composition of basalts from the western Pacific, supplement to: Spadea, Piera; D'Antonio, Massimo; Thirlwall, Matthew F (1996): Source characteristics of the basement rocks from the Sulu and Celebes Basins (Western Pacific): chemical and isotopic evidence. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 123(2), 159-176

Piera Spadea, Massimo D'Antonio & Matthew F Thirlwall
New Sr- Nd- and Pb-isotopic and trace element data are presented on basalts from the Sulu and Celebes Basins, and the submerged Cagayan Ridge Arc (Western Pacific), recently sampled during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 124. Drilling has shown that the Sulu Basin developed about 18 Ma ago as a backarc basin, associated with the now submerged Cagayan Ridge Arc, whereas the Celebes Basin was generated about 43 Ma ago, contemporaneous with a general plate reorganisation...
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