Carbon and Sulphur concentrations of sediments from Peru, Oman and Benguela upwelling environments, supplement to: Emeis, Kay-Christian; Morse, John W (1993): Zur Systematik der Kohlenstoff-Schwefel-Eisen-Verhältnisse in Auftriebssedimenten. Geologische Rundschau, 82(4), 604-618

Kay-Christian Emeis & John W Morse
Abundances of organic carbon, sulfur, and reactive iron in sediments of three upwelling environments (Peru, Oman and Benguela) suggest that organic carbon/reduced sulfur ratios (C/S-ratios) in this category of marine sediments deviate considerably from previously established empirical ratios in normal marine sediments. To clarify the discrepancies, we investigated those components of the diagenetic system that limit the formation of pyrite: sulfate concentrations and reduction rates in pore waters, availability of reactive iron, and the quantity...
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