Mineralogy and chemistry of basalts and secondary minerals from DSDP Site 417, Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Alt, Jeffrey C; Honnorez, Jose J (1984): Alteration of the upper oceanic crust, DSDP site 417: mineralogy and chemistry. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 87(2), 149-169

Jeffrey C Alt & Jose J Honnorez
Basalts from DSDP Site 417 (109 Ma) exhibit the effects of several stages of alteration reflecting the evolution of seawater-derived solution compositions and control by the structure and permeability of the crust. Characteristic secondary mineral assemblages occur in often superimposed alteration zones within individual basalt fragments. By combining bulk rock and single phase chemical analyses with detailed mineralogic and petrographic studies, chemical changes have been determined for most of the alteration stages identified in the...
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