Chemical composition of plagioclase from DSDP Legs 45 and 46, Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Kuo, Lung-Chuan; Kirkpatrick, R James (1982): Pre-eruption history of phyric basalts from DSDP Leg 45 and 46: evidence from morphology and zoning patterns in plagioclase. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 79(1), 13-27

Lung-Chuan Kuo & R James Kirkpatrick
Phyric basalts recovered from DSDP Legs 45 and 46 contain abundant plagioclase phenocrysts which occur as either discrete single grains (megacrysts) or aggregates (glomerocrysts) and which are too abundant and too anorthitic to have crystallized from a liquid with the observed bulk rock composition. Almost all the plagioclase crystals are complexly zoned. In most cases two abrupt and relatively large compositional changes associated with continuous internal morphologic boundaries divide the plagioclase crystals into three parts:...
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