Isotope ratios of smectites, calcites and whole rocks from DSDP Legs 51 and 52, Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Staudigel, Hubert; Muehlenbachs, Karlis; Richardson, Stephen H; Hart, Stanley R (1981): Agents of low temperature ocean crust alteration. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 77(2), 150-157

Hubert Staudigel, Karlis Muehlenbachs, Stephen H Richardson & Stanley R Hart
Delta180 and 87Sr/86Sr isotopic data from smectites, calcites, and whole rocks, together with published isotopic age determinations, alkali element concentration data and petrographic observations suggest a sequential model of ocean floor alteration. The early stage lasts about 3 m.y. and is characterized by palagonite and smectite formation, and solutions with a large basaltic component, increasing with temperature which varies from 15° to 80° C at DSDP site 418A. Most carbonates are deposited after this stage...
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