Chemical composition of basalts from DSDP Hole 46-396B, supplement to: Böhlke, John Karl; Honnorez, Jose J; Honnorez-Guerstein, B-M (1980): Alteration of basalts from Site 396B, DSDP: Petrographic and mineralogic studies. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 73(4), 341-361

John Karl Böhlke, Jose J Honnorez & B-M Honnorez-Guerstein
Samples of crystalline basalt from Site 396 B are all more or less altered, usually in strongly zoned patterns. Evidence has been found for several related or independent alteration stages, including (1) minor localized deuteric (amphibole and mixed clay minerals in miarolitic voids); (2) minor widespread nonoxidizing (pyrite on walls of vugs and cracks); (3) localized diffusion-controlled rug filling ("glauconite" in black halos); (4) pervasive low level oxidizing (transformation of titanomagnetite to cation-deficient titanomaghemite); (5)...
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