Chemical composition and isotopic ratios of basic lavas from Iceland and the surrounding ocean floor, supplement to: Wood, D A; Joron, Jean-Louis; Treuil, M; Norry, Michael J; Tarney, J (1979): Elemental and Sr isotope variations in basic lavas from Iceland and the surrounding ocean floor. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 70(3), 319-339

D A Wood, Jean-Louis Joron, M Treuil, Michael J Norry & J Tarney
Major and trace dement data are used to establish the nature and extent of spatial and temporal chemical variations in basalts erupted in the Iceland region of the North Atlantic Ocean. The ocean floor samples are those recovered by legs 38 and 49 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. Within each of the active zones on Iceland there are small scale variations in the light rare earth elements and ratios such as K/Y: several central...
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