Chemical composition of basalts from the Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Bryan, Wilfred B; Frey, Frederick A; Thompson, Geoffrey (1977): Oldest Atlantic seafloor. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 64(2), 223-242

Wilfred B Bryan, Frederick A Frey & Geoffrey Thompson
Basalt recovered beneath Jurassic sediments in the western Atlantic at Deep Sea Drilling Project sites 100 and 105 of leg 11 has petrographic features characteristic of water-quenched basalt extruded along modern ocean ridges. Site 100 basalt appears to represent two or three massive cooling units, and an extrusive emplacement is probable. Site 105 basalt is less altered and appears to be a compositionally homogeneous pillow lava sequence related to a single eruptive episode. Although the...
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