Occurence of monothalamous foraminifera in Admiralty Bay, King George Island, West Antarctica (Table 1, 2), supplement to: Majewski, Wojciech; Lecroq, Beatrice; Sinniger, Frederic; Pawlowski, Jan (2007): Monothalamous foraminifera from Admiralty Bay, King George Island, West Antarctica. Polish Polar Research, 28(3), 187-210

Wojciech Majewski, Beatrice Lecroq, Frederic Sinniger & Jan Pawlowski
During the late 2007 austral summer, 20 sediment samples were collected in Admiralty Bay (King George Island, South Shetlands, West Antarctica) from 8 down to 254 m water-depth (mwd). The samples yielded abundant assemblage of monothalamous benthic foraminifera, belonging to at least 40 morphospecies. They constituted the first such collection from Antarctic Peninsula fjords and provided a new insight into this group's diversity and distribution. Among organic-walled taxa, Psammophaga sp., Allogromia cf. crystallifera, and three...
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