Fine-silt luminescence dating and mineral composition of sediments from the Arctic Ocean, supplement to: Berger, Glenn W (2006): Trans-arctic-ocean tests of fine-silt luminescence sediment dating provide a basis for an additional geochronometer for this region. Quaternary Science Reviews, 25(19-20), 2529-2551

Glenn W Berger
New geochronometers are needed for sediments of the Arctic Ocean spanning at least the last half million years, largely because oxygen-isotope stratigraphy is relatively ineffective in this ocean, and because other dating techniques require significant assumptions about sedimentation rates. Multi-aliquot luminescence sediment-dating procedures were applied to polymineral, fine-silt samples from 9 core-top and 37 deeper samples from 20 cores representing 19 sites across the Arctic Ocean. Most samples have independent age assignments and other known...
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