Occurence of microfossils in Early Cretaceous sediments of DSDP Hole 25-249 (Tab. 1), supplement to: Riegraf, Wolfgang (1978): Benthonische Schelf-Foraminiferen aus dem Valanginium-Hauterivium (Unterkreide) des Indischen Ozeans südwestlich Madagaskar (Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 25, Site 249). Geologische Rundschau, 78(3), 1047-1061

Wolfgang Riegraf
From 12 radiolarian-rich claystone samples of the DSDP-Leg 25, Site 249, situated in the western Indian Ocean southwest of Madagascar 4 species of agglutinated and 38 species of calcareous benthonic foraminifera are described, 13 of them in open nomenclature. As a lot of Valanginian species and Gavelinella barremiana occur in the foraminiferal faunas described here a Valanginian-Hauterivian age is assigned to them. These microfaunas investigated here yield some index species characteristic in the Lower Cretaceous...
284 citations reported since publication in 1978.
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