Alkenone unsaturation index UK37 in surface sediments, supplement to: Sikes, Elisabeth L; Volkman, J K (1993): Calibration of alkenones unsaturation ratios (Uk37) for paleotemperature estimation in cold polar waters. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 57(8), 1883-1889

Elisabeth L Sikes & J K Volkman
C37-C39 long-chain unsaturated ketones (alkenones) and alkenes were identified in samples of particulate organic matter obtained from surface waters spanning the temperature range -0.7–12.2°C in the Southern Ocean south of Australia. The carbon number distribution indicates that these compounds are derived from the prymnesiophyte alga Emiliania huxleyi which is the predominant coccolithophorid in these waters. Values of Uk'37 were calculated according to the definition UK'37 = [37:2]/([37:2] + [37:3]), where [37:x] is the concentration of...
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