Alkenone UK37 measured in the upper water column at pump stations CariacoTrench, Peru and Vertex, supplement to: Prahl, Frederick G; Wakeham, Stuart G (1987): Calibration of unsaturation patterns in long-chain ketone compositions for paleotemperature assessment. Nature, 330(6146), 367-369

Frederick G Prahl & Stuart G Wakeham
A series of long-chain (C37, C38, C39), primarily di and tri-unsaturated methyl and ethyl ketones, first identified in sediments from Walvis Ridge off West Africa and from Black Sea (de Leeuw et al., 1979), has been found in marine sediments throughout the world (Brassell et al., 1986 doi:10.1038/320129a0). The marine coccolithophorid Emiliania huxleyi and members of the class Prymnesiophyceae are now the recognized sources of these compounds (Volkman et al., 1979; Marlowe, et al., 1984)....
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