Element and isotope composition of selected volcanics from the Bicol arc, Philippines, supplement to: McDermott, Frank; Delfin, Francisco G Jr; Defant, Marc J; Turner, Simon; Maury, R C (2005): The petrogenesis of volcanics from Mt. Bulusan and Mt. Mayon in the Bicol arc, the Philippines. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 150, 652-670

Frank McDermott, Francisco G Jr Delfin, Marc J Defant, Simon Turner & R C Maury
Pliocene to recent volcanic rocks from the Bulusan volcanic complex in the southern part of the Bicol arc (Philippines) exhibit a wide compositional range (medium- to high-K basaltic-andesites, andesites and a dacite/rhyolite suite), but are characterised by large ion lithophile element enrichments and HFS element depletions typical of subduction-related rocks. Field, petrographic and geochemical data indicate that the more silicic syn- and post-caldera magmas have been influenced by intracrustal processes such as magma mixing and...
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