Composition of noble gases in sediments and metasediments, supplement to: Schwarz, Winfried H; Trieloff, Mario; Altherr, Rainer (2005): Subduction of solar-type noble gases from extraterrestrial dust: constraints from high-pressure low-temperature metamorphic deep-sea sediments. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 149, 675-684

Winfried H Schwarz, Mario Trieloff & Rainer Altherr
Solar-type helium (He) and neon (Ne) in the Earth's mantle were suggested to be the result of solarwind loaded extraterrestrial dust that accumulated in deep-sea sediments and was subducted into the Earth's mantle. To obtain additional constraints on this hypothesis, we analysed He, Ne and argon (Ar) in high pressure–low temperature metamorphic rocks representing equivalents of former pelagic clays and cherts from Andros (Cyclades, Greece) and Laytonville (California, USA). While the metasediments contain significant amounts...
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