Determination of sulfite and manganese in sediments from the K/T boundary, supplement to: Griscom, David L; Beltran-Lopez, Virgilio; Pope, Kevin O; Ocampo, Adriana C (2003): New geochemical insights from electron-spin-resonance studies of Mn2+ and SO3 in calcites; quantitative analyses of Chicxulub Crater ejecta from Belize and southern Mexico with comparison to limestones from distal Cretaceous-Tertiary-boundary sites. In: Koeberl, C. (ed.), Impact markers in the stratigraphic record in impact studies, Springer, Berlin, pp. 229-270

David L Griscom, Virgilio Beltran-Lopez, Kevin O Pope & Adriana C Ocampo
The solid-state-physics technique of electron spin resonance (ESR) has been employed in an exploratory study of marine limestones and impact-related deposits from Cretaceous-Tertiary (KT) boundary sites including Spain (Sopelana and Caravaca), New Jersey (Bass River), the U.S. Atlantic continental margin (Blake Nose, ODP Leg 171B/1049/A), and several locations in Belize and southern Mexico within -600 km of the Chicxulub crater. The ESR spectra of SO3(1-) (a radiation-induced point defect involving a sulfite ion substitutional for...
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