Major and trace element composition of clinopyroxenes from an olivine gabbro of ODP Hole 176-735B (Table 1), supplement to: Gao, Yongjun; Hoefs, Jochen; Hellebrand, Eric; von der Hand, Anette; Snow, Jonathan E (2007): Trace element zoning in pyroxenes from ODP Hole 735B gabbros: diffusive exchange or synkinematic crystal fractionation? Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 153, 429-442

Yongjun Gao, Jochen Hoefs, Eric Hellebrand, Anette von der Hand & Jonathan E Snow
Major and trace element profiles of clinopyroxene grains in oceanic gabbros from ODP Hole 735B have been investigated by a combined in situ analytical study with ion probe, and electron microprobe. In contrast to the homogeneous major element compositions, trace elements (REE, Y, Cr, Sr, and Zr) show continuous core to rim zoning profiles. The observed trace element systematics in clinopyroxene cannot be explained by a simple diffusive exchange between melts and gabbros along grain...
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