Magnetic susceptibility and documentation of sediment cores from the Antarctic Peninsula Pacific margin, supplement to: Lucchi, Renata G; Rebesco, Michele; Camerlenghi, Angelo; Busetti, M; Tomadin, Luciano; Villa, Giuliana; Persico, Davide; Morigi, Caterina; Bonci, M C; Giorgetti, Giovanna (2002): Mid-late Pleistocene glacimarine sedimentary processes of a high-latitude, deep-sea sediment drift (Antarctic Peninsula Pacific margin). Marine Geology, 189(3-4), 343-370

Renata G Lucchi, Michele Rebesco, Angelo Camerlenghi, M Busetti, Luciano Tomadin, Giuliana Villa, Davide Persico, Caterina Morigi, M C Bonci & Giovanna Giorgetti
The effects of glaciation on sediment drifts is recognised from marked sedimentary facies variation in deep sea cores taken from the continental rise of the Antarctic Peninsula Pacific margin. Nineteen sediment cores were visually described, logged for magnetic susceptibility, and X-radiographed. About 1000 analyses were performed for grain size, clay minerals and biostratigraphy (foraminifera, nannofossils and diatoms). Four sediment types associated with distinct sedimentary processes are recognised based on textural/compositional analysis. (1) Hemipelagic mud forms...
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