Planktic foraminiferal distribution and paleotemperature reconstruction for the last 560 kyr of ODP Hole 165-999A from the Carribean Sea, supplement to: Martínez, José Ignacio; Mora, Germán; Barrows, Timothy T (2007): Paleoceanographic conditions in the western Caribbean Sea for the last 560 kyr as inferred from planktonic foraminifera. Marine Micropaleontology, 64(3-4), 177-188

José Ignacio Martínez, Germán Mora & Timothy T Barrows
Faunal analyses of planktonic foraminifera and upper-water temperature reconstructions with the modern analog technique are studied and compared to themagnetic susceptibility and gamma ray logs of ODP Core 999A (western Caribbean) for the past 560 kyr in order to explore changes in paleoceanographic conditions in the western Caribbean Sea. Long-term trends in the percentage abundance of planktonic foraminifera inODP Core 999Asuggest two hydrographic scenarios: before and after 480 ka.High percentage abundances of Neogloboquadrina pachyderma and...
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