Benthic foraminiferal assemblages and paleoproductivity reconstructions for the last 550 kyr of the Ontong Java Plateau, western equatorial Pacific, supplement to: Zhang, Jiangyong; Wang, Pinxian; Li, Qianyu; Cheng, Xinrong; Jin, Haiyan; Zhang, Shiying (2007): Western equatorial Pacific productivity and carbonate dissolution over the last 550 kyr: Foraminiferal and nannofossil evidence from ODP Hole 807A. Marine Micropaleontology, 64(3-4), 121-140

Jiangyong Zhang, Pinxian Wang, Qianyu Li, Xinrong Cheng, Haiyan Jin & Shiying Zhang
We analyzed foraminiferal and nannofossil assemblages and stable isotopes in samples from ODP Hole 807A on the Ontong Java Plateau in order to evaluate productivity and carbonate dissolution cycles over the last 550 kyr (kilo year) in the western equatorial Pacific. Our results indicate that productivity was generally higher in glacials than during interglacials, and gradually increased since MIS 13. Carbonate dissolution was weak in deglacial intervals, but often reached a maximum during interglacial to...
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