The Fohsella chronocline in middle Miocene sediments from the Ontong Java Plateau, Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Eisenach, Adam R; Kelly, Daniel Clay (2006): Coiling preferences and evolution in the middle Miocene Fohsella chronocline. Marine Micropaleontology, 60(4), 243-257

Adam R Eisenach & Daniel Clay Kelly
Micropaleontologists have traditionally recognized the mid-Miocene Fohsella lineage as a flagship for phyletic gradualism within the planktic foraminifera. However, study of a deep-sea record from the western equatorial Pacific (ODP Site 806) reveals that coiling ratios within this clade suddenly (<5 kyr) shift after a prolonged, ancestral state of near randomness (~50%) to a transient phase (13.42–13.43 Ma) of dextral dominance (~75%) immediately following the first common occurrence of keeled fohsellids. This brief period of...
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