Ice rafted debris, planktic foraminifera and reconstructed sea surface temperatures from site GIK23414, supplement to: Kandiano, Evgenia S; Bauch, Henning A (2007): Phase relationship and surface water mass change in the Northeast Atlantic during Marine Isotope Stage 11 (MIS 11). Quaternary Research, 68(3), 445-455

Evgenia S Kandiano & Henning A Bauch
Planktic foraminiferal census data, faunal sea surface temperatures (SSTs) and oxygen isotopic and lithic records from a site in the northeast Atlantic were analyzed to study the interglacial dynamics of Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 11, a period thought to closely resemble the Holocene on the basis of orbital forcing. Interglacial conditions during MIS 11 persisted for approximately 26 ka. After the main deglacial meltwater processes ceased, a 10- to 12-ka-long transitional period marked by significant...
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