Benthic foraminiferal faunas of Miocene to Holocene sediments of ODP Site 184-1143 from the southern South China Sea, supplement to: Hess, Silvia; Kuhnt, Wolfgang (2005): Neogene and Quaternary paleoceanographic changes in the southern South China Sea (Site 1143): the benthic foraminiferal record. Marine Micropaleontology, 54(1-2), 63-87

Silvia Hess & Wolfgang Kuhnt
Deep-sea benthic foraminiferal assemblages from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 1143 located in the southern South China Sea (SCS) were investigated to evaluate the relationship between faunal composition patterns and paleoceanographic changes during the last 6 million years (late Miocene to Holocene). We used multivariate statistics (correspondence analysis) to analyze carbon-flux-related changes in assemblage composition of benthic foraminifers. Additional proxies for carbon flux and deep-water ventilation include delta13C records of epifaunal Cibicidoides wuellerstorfi and infaunal...
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