Calcareous nannofossil bioevents of early-middle Pleistocene sediments from the Mediterranean Sea and the Noth Atlantic, supplement to: Maiorano, Patrizia; Marino, Maria (2004): Calcareous nannofossil bioevents and environmental control on temporal and spatial patterns at the early-middle Pleistocene. Marine Micropaleontology, 53(3-4), 405-422

Patrizia Maiorano & Maria Marino
Quantitative distributions of calcareous nannofossils are analysed in the early-middle Pleistocene at the small Gephyrocapsa and Pseudoemiliania lacunosa zone transition in deep-sea cores from the Mediterranean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean (Ocean Drilling Program [ODP] Sites 977, 964 and 967, Deep Sea Drilling Project [DSDP] Site 607). The temporal and spatial mode of occurrence of medium-sized gephyrocapsids and reticulofenestrids has been examined to refine biostratigraphic constraints and evaluate possible relationships of stratigraphic patterns to environmental...
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