Nannofossil assemblages of mid-Pliocene sediments from the equatorial Atlantic, supplement to: Gibbs, Samantha J; Shackleton, Nicholas J; Young, Jeremy (2004): Orbitally forced climate signals in mid-Pliocene nannofossil assemblages. Marine Micropaleontology, 51(1-2), 39-56

Nicholas J Shackleton, Samantha J Gibbs & Jeremy Young
Downcore cyclic variation in high-resolution nannofossil abundance records from mid-Pliocene equatorial Atlantic ODP Sites 662 and 926 demonstrate the direct response by several Pliocene taxa (notably Discoaster, Sphenolithus and Florisphaera profunda) to orbitally forced climatic variation. In particular, these records display strong obliquity and precessional signals reflecting primarily high latitude, Southern hemisphere changes influencing upwelling intensity and local low-latitude, insolation-driven climatic changes (via the productivity and/or turbidity influence of Amazon-sourced terrigenous material) at Sites 622...
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