Stable carbon isotope ratios of the planktonic foraminifera Globigerina bulloides in ODP Hole 117-723A from the Arabian Sea (Table 2), supplement to: Naidu, Pothuri Divakar; Niitsuma, Nobuaki (2004): Atypical d13C signature in Globigerina bulloides at the ODP Site 723A (Arabian Sea): implications of environmental changes caused by upwelling. Marine Micropaleontology, 53(1-2), 1-10

Pothuri Divakar Naidu & Nobuaki Niitsuma
Production of Globigerina bulloides generally increases during upwelling in the tropical ocean and, in particular, during southwest monsoon season in the Arabian Sea. We studied the d13C signatures of G. bulloides from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) site 723A located in the intense upwelling area along the Oman Margin, Arabian Sea. The delta13C signature of G. bulloides from the Oman Margin during the last 19 ka ranges from -2.65‰ to -1.13‰. Strikingly, the delta13C values of...
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