Sedimentological, micropaleontological and stable isotope investigation of the lower Oligocene in DSDP Core 40-363 from Walvis Ridge, southeastern Atlantic (Table 1), supplement to: Kelly, Daniel Clay; Norris, Richard D; Zachos, James C (2003): Deciphering the paleoceanographic significance of Early Oligocene Braarudosphaera chalks in the South Atlantic. Marine Micropaleontology, 49(1-2), 49-63

Daniel Clay Kelly, Richard D Norris & James C Zachos
The recurrence of Braarudosphaera chalks in the lower Oligocene sequences of the subtropical South Atlantic has been a long-standing conundrum, with many hypotheses having been advanced to explain the genesis of these exotic nannofossil assemblages. Here, we evaluate different paleoceanographic models within the context of stable isotope (delta18O, delta13C) data measured from bulk-sediment samples and well-preserved foraminifera. Two closely-spaced Braarudosphaera layers from a lower Oligocene (foram Subzone P21a, 29.4-28.5 Ma) section drilled in the southeastern...
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