Planktonic foraminifera in the latest Maastrichtian of Walvis Ridge, South Atlantic, supplement to: Abramovich, Sigal; Keller, Gerta (2003): Planktonic foraminiferal response to the latest Maastrichtian abrupt warm event: a case study from South Atlantic DSDP Site 525A. Marine Micropaleontology, 48(3-4), 225-249

Sigal Abramovich & Gerta Keller
An abrupt global warming of 3-4°C occurred near the end of the Maastrichtian at 65.45-65.10 Ma. The environmental effects of this warm event are here documented based on stable isotopes and quantitative analysis of planktonic foraminifera at the South Atlantic DSDP Site 525A. Stable isotopes of individual species mark a rapid increase in temperature and a reduction in the vertical water mass stratification that is accompanied by a decrease in niche habitats, reduced species diversity...
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