Paleocene radiolarian distribution and biostratigraphy from offshore eastern New Zealand, supplement to: Hollis, Christopher J (2002): Biostratigraphy and paleoceanographic significance of Paleocene radiolarians from offshore eastern New Zealand. Marine Micropaleontology, 46(3-4), 265-316

Christopher J Hollis
A 100-m-thick Paleocene sequence of mainly pelagic sediments at ODP Site 1121, on the eastern flanks of the Campbell Plateau, contains few to common radiolarians of relatively low diversity in the lower 40 m (Early to early Late Paleocene) and abundant, diverse radiolarian assemblages in the upper 60 m (mid-Late Paleocene). The 150 taxa recorded from the entire Paleocene interval are thought to under-represent the actual species diversity by at least one half as many...
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