Plio-Pleistocene magnetic polarity stratigraphies of ODP Leg 177 Sites from the South Atlantic, supplement to: Channell, James E T; Stoner, Joseph S (2002): Plio-Pleistocene magnetic polarity stratigraphies and diagenetic magnetite dissolution at ODP Leg 177 Sites (1089, 1091, 1093 and 1094). Marine Micropaleontology, 45(3-4), 269-290

James E T Channell & Joseph S Stoner
Magnetic polarity stratigraphies from ODP Leg 177 'high resolution' sites indicate Brunhes sedimentation rates in the 12-25 cm/kyr range, with a trend of decreasing sedimentation rates with increasing age. Magnetite is the principal remanence-carrying mineral. Downcore alteration of magnetite and authigenic growth of iron sulfides introduces a high coercivity diagenetic remanence carrier (pyrrhotite). The change in pore water sulfate with depth in the sediment tends to be in step with the decrease in magnetization intensity,...
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