Stable oxygen isotope ratios of sediment core PS2487-6 of the southern South Atlantic (Table 2), supplement to: Flores, José-Abel; Gersonde, Rainer; Sierro, Francisco Javier (1999): Pleistocene fluctuations in the Agulhas Current Retroflection based on the calcareous plankton record. Marine Micropaleontology, 37(1), 1-22

José-Abel Flores, Rainer Gersonde & Francisco Javier Sierro
Piston core (PS2487-6), recovered south of Cape Town, and sediment surface samples, recovered in the area of the Agulhas Current retroflection, were used to construct paleoceanographic scenarios for the late Quaternary in a region with an important role in global water mass transfer. Coccolithophore (calcareous nannofossil) and planktonic foraminifera assemblages and oxygen isotope data were collected. Stratigraphic control is based on calibration of the delta18O stratigraphic signals with calcareous nannofossil events that are thought to...
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