Quantitative study of evolution in the Sphaeroidinella lineage in mid-Pleistocene sediment of ODP Hole 154-926A (Appendix A), supplement to: Kucera, Michal (1998): Biochronology of the mid-Pliocene Sphaeroidinella event. Marine Micropaleontology, 35(1-2), 1-16

Michal Kucera
Morphological evolution in the late Neogene planktonic foraminifer Sphaeroidinella lineage involves a sudden increase of the percentage of specimens equipped with supplementary apertures (from <30% to >70%) in the mid-Pliocene (about 3.5 Ma). This evolutionary transition, marked by the first occurrence of specimens with large supplementary apertures in the lineage, is denoted the Sphaeroidinella event. Changes in the proportions of the supplementary apertures in the lineage were studied in 24 samples from ODP Hole 926A...
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