Late Pliocene stratigraphic distribution of Globoconella taxa in the North Atlantic, supplement to: Chapman, Mark R; Funnell, Brian M; Weaver, Philip PE (1998): Isolation, extinction and migration within Late Pliocene populations of the planktonic foraminiferal lineage Globorotalia (Globoconella) in the North Atlantic. Marine Micropaleontology, 33(3-4), 203-222

Mark R Chapman, Brian M Funnell & Philip PE Weaver
Quantitative records of Globorotalia puncticulata and Globorotalia inflata, the last two members of the Globorotalia (Globoconella) lineage, obtained from North Atlantic sediments collected at DSDP Site 552, ODP Site 659 and ODP Site 665, are used to examine fluctuations in the biogeographic distribution of these species in the Late Pliocene between 3 and 2 Ma. Abundance data indicate that prior to the expansion of Northern Hemisphere glaciation at about 2.5 Ma, Gr. puncticulata was an...
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