Late Cretaceous and Cainozoic bathyal Ostracoda of DSDP Site 62-463 in the Central Pacific (Fig. 3), supplement to: Boomer, Ian (1999): Late Cretaceous and Cainozoic bathyal Ostracoda from the Central Pacific (DSDP Site 463). Marine Micropaleontology, 37(2), 131-147

Ian Boomer
Cainozoic deep-sea ostracod assemblages from the summits of Mid-Pacific guyots point to high levels of endemism possibly as a result of their bathymetric separation from the surrounding sea floor. However, the interpretation of these fossil assemblages is hampered by the paucity of comparative material from surrounding non-guyot sites. Fifteen ostracod assemblages from DSDP Site 463 (Late Cretaceous-Pleistocene) were studied to compare with those from nearby guyots. Three distinct faunal assemblages are recognised at Site 463:...
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