Maastrichtian planktic foraminifera of the South Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Li, Liangquan; Keller, Gerta (1998): Maastrichtian climate, productivity and faunal turnovers in planktic foraminifera in South Atlantic DSDP sites 525A and 21. Marine Micropaleontology, 33(1-2), 55-86

Liangquan Li & Gerta Keller
Stratigraphic, faunal and isotopic analyses of the Maastrichtian at DSDP sites 525A and 21 in the South Atlantic reveal a planktic foraminiferal fauna characterized by two major events, an early late Maastrichtian diversification and end-Maastrichtian mass extinction. Both events are accompanied by major changes in climate and productivity. The diversification event which occurred in two steps between 70.5 and 69.1 Ma increased species richness by a total of 43% and coincided with the onset of...
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