Integrated stratigraphy of the Messinian across the North Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Zhang, Jijun; Scott, David B (1996): Integrated stratigraphy and paleoceanography of the Messinian (latest Miocene) across the North Atlantic Ocean. Marine Micropaleontology, 29(1), 1-36

Jijun Zhang & David B Scott
The Messinian was a time of major climatic and paleoceanographic change during the late Cenozoic. It is well known around the Mediterranean region because of the giant anhydritelgypsum sequence and the suggested desiccation of the Mediterranean Sea. However, this interval is less constrained outside the Mediterranean region, where several paleoceanographic changes could have taken place because of the desiccation. Hence, we present an integrated stratigraphic framework for future Messinian paleoceanographic studies, determination of the effect...
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