Estimate of mid-Pliocene Paleo-pCO2 for ODP Hole 130-806 (Table 1), supplement to: Raymo, Maureen E; Grant, B; Horowitz, Michael; Rau, Greg H (1996): Mid-Pliocene warmth: stronger greenhouse and stronger conveyor. Marine Micropaleontology, 27(1-4), 313-326

Maureen E Raymo, B Grant, Michael Horowitz & Greg H Rau
Three million years ago, prior to the onset of northern hemisphere glaciation, global mean temperatures may have been as much as 3.5 °C warmer than at present. We present evidence, based on the carbon isotopic composition of marine organic matter, that atmospheric CO2 levels at this time were on average only about 35% higher than the preindustrial value of 280 ppm. We also present carbon isotopic evidence for stronger thermohaline circulation in the Atlantic Ocean...
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