Stable isotope composition and ice rafted debris in early Late Pliocene sediments from Maud Rise, South Atlantic, supplement to: Warnke, Detlef A; Marzo, Bonnie; Hodell, David A (1996): Major deglaciation of east Antarctica during the early Late Pliocene? Not likely from a marine perspective. Marine Micropaleontology, 27(1-4), 237-251

Detlef A Warnke, Bonnie Marzo & David A Hodell
We have conducted an integrated study of ice-rafted debris (IRD) and oxygen isotopes (measured on Cibicides, Globigerina bulloides, and Neogloboquadrina pachyderma, using identical samples). We used samples from the early Late Pliocene Gauss Chron from ODP Site 114-704 on the Meteor Rise in the subantarctic South Atlantic. During the early Gauss Chron, the oxygen isotopic ratios are generally up to 0.5‰-0.6‰ less than their respective Holocene values. The lowest values in this record can accommodate...
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