Benthic foraminiferal assemblages of middle to late Pliocene sediments in the North Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Ishman, Scott E (1996): A benthic foraminiferal record of middle to late Pliocene (3.15-2.85 Ma) deep water change in the North Atlantic. Marine Micropaleontology, 27(1-4), 165-180

Scott E Ishman
Records of benthic foraminifera from North Atlantic DSDP Site 607 and Hole 610A indicate changes in deep water conditions through the middle to late Pliocene (3.15 to 2.85 Ma). Quantitative analyses of modem associations in the North Atlantic indicate that seven species, Fontbotia wuellerstorfi, Cibicidoides kullenbergi, Uvigerina peregrina, Nuttallides umboniferus, Melonis pompilioides, Globocassidulina subglobosa and Epistominella exigua are useful for paleoenvironmental interpretation. The western North Atlantic basin (Site 607) was occupied by North Atlantic Deep...
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