Middle Miocene evolution and stable isotope ratios of Globorotalia (Fohsella) in the western equatorial Pacific, supplement to: Hodell, David A; Vayavananda, Anon (1993): Middle Miocene paleoceanography of the western equatorial Pacific (DSDP site 289) and the evolution of Globorotalia (Fohsella). Marine Micropaleontology, 22(4), 279-310

David A Hodell & Anon Vayavananda
Evolution of the planktic foraminiferal lineage Globorotalia (Fohsella) occurred during the Miocene between 23.7 and 11.8 Ma and forms the basis for stratigraphic subdivision of the early middle Miocene (Zones N 10 through N 12). Important morphologic changes within the G. (Fohsella) lineage included a marked increase in test size, a transition from a rounded to an acute periphery, and the development of a keel in later forms. We found that the most rapid changes...
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