Radiolarian stratigraphy across the Oligocene/Miocene transition in low latitudes, supplement to: Sanfilippo, Annika; Nigrini, Catherine A (1995): Radiolarian stratigraphy across the Oligocene/Miocene transition. Marine Micropaleontology, 24(3-4), 239-285

Annika Sanfilippo & Catherine A Nigrini
Recently the International Union of Geological Sciences (Commission on Stratigraphy, Working Group on the Paleogene/Neogene Boundary) proposed that the Oligocene/Miocene boundary be placed at the base of Chron C6Cn2n at 23.8 Ma on the Cande and Kent (1992) magnetic time scale, where it is approximated by planktic foraminifera at the first occurrence of Globorotulia kugleri, and by calcareous nannofossils at the last occurrence of Sphenolithus ciperoensis and the first and last occurrences of Sphenolithus delphix...
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