Stable oxygen isotope ratios, calcium carbonate and opal content in late Pliocene sediments of DSDP Hole 75-532 in the Southeast Atlantic (Table 1), supplement to: Sancetta, Constance A; Heusser, Linda E; Hall, Michael A (1992): Late Pliocene climate in the Southeast Atlantic: Preliminary results from a multi-disciplinary study of DSDP Site 532. Marine Micropaleontology, 20(1), 59-75

Constance A Sancetta, Linda E Heusser & Michael A Hall
Site 532 on the Walvis Ridge was sampled at 4000- to 800-year intervals from 2.24 to 2.60 Ma, spanning the three large glacial advances of the late Pliocene. An age model was created by correlating the oxygen isotope record to Site 607 with linear interpolations between tie-lines. The resultant age model differs from that in the site reports by more than 800,000 years, due to misidentification of a magnetic boundary. Sedimentation rates varied by an...
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