Planktic foraminifera at the Paleocene-Eocene transition in the Antarctic Indian Ocean, supplement to: Lu, Gangyi; Keller, Gerta (1993): The Paleocene-Eocene transition in the Antarctic Indian Ocean: Inference from planktic foraminifera. Marine Micropaleontology, 21(1-3), 101-142

Gangyi Lu & Gerta Keller
Isotopic depth stratification and relative abundance studies of planktic foraminifera at ODP Site 738 reveal three major faunal turnovers during the latest Paleocene and early Eocene, reflecting the climatic and structural changes in the Antarctic surface ocean.Faunal Event 1 occurred near the Paleocene/Eocene boundary and is characterized by a faunal turnover in deep dwellers, decreased relative abundance in intermediate dwellers and increased relative abundance in surface dwellers. This event marks a temporary elimination of the...
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