Quaternary isotope stratigraphy of DSDP Hole 90-593 from the Challenegr Plateau, South Tasman Sea, supplement to: Nelson, Campbell S; Hendy, Chris H; Dudley, Walter C (1986): Quaternary isotope stratigraphy of Hole 593, Challenger Plateau, South Tasman Sea: Preliminary observations based on foraminifers and calcareous nannofossils. In: Kennett, JP; von der Borch, CC; et al. (eds.), Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, Washington (U.S. Govt. Printing Office), 90, 1413-1424

Campbell S Nelson, Chris H Hendy & Walter C Dudley
A moderate-resolution isotope stratigraphy (with an average of one sample per 17,500 yr.) derived from the benthic foraminifer Uvigerina (or Cibicides), the planktonic foraminifer Globigerina bulloides, and calcareous nannofossil concentrates is presented for the entire Quaternary (and latest Pliocene) section of mid-upper bathyal calcareous oozes from DSDP Site 593, western Challenger Plateau, south Tasman Sea. Superimposed on a trend of gradually increasing average delta18O values through the Pleistocene, reflecting the progressive buildup of polar ice...
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