Morphometric redefinition of the component chronospecies of the Globorotalia conoidea - G. inflata lineage in DSDP Hole 29-284, supplement to: Malmgren, Bjorn; Kennett, James P (1982): The potential of morphometrically based phylo-zonation: application of a Late Cenozoic planktonic foraminiferal lineage. Marine Micropaleontology, 7(4), 285-296

Bjorn Malmgren & James P Kennett
Phylo-zonations (or lineage-zonations) are based upon morphological changes within individual evolutionary lineages. These zonations, although potentially of use for stratigraphic subdivision and correlation, often suffer from a lack of quantitative exactness in the definitions of chronospecies. Thus exact reproducibility is hindered for stratigraphic determinations.The potential of morphometrically defined phylo-zonations is demonstrated on a temperate South Pacific Late Cenozoic lineage of planktonic foraminifera (Globorotalia conoidea through intermediate forms to Globorotalia inflata in DSDP Site 284) exhibiting...
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