Summer sea surface temperatures calculated from radiolaria at ODP Site 177-1089 in the subantarctic Atlantic, supplement to: Cortese, Giuseppe; Abelmann, Andrea; Gersonde, Rainer (2007): The last five glacial-interglacial transitions: A high-resolution 450,000-year record from the subantarctic Atlantic. Paleoceanography, 22(4), PA4203

Giuseppe Cortese, Andrea Abelmann & Rainer Gersonde
A submillennial resolution, radiolarian-based record of summer sea surface temperature (SST) documents the last five glacial to interglacial transitions at the subtropical front, southern Atlantic Ocean. Rapid fluctuations occur both during glacial and interglacial intervals, and sudden cooling episodes at glacial terminations are recurrent. Surface hydrography and global ice volume proxies from the same core suggest that summer SST increases prior to terminations lead global ice-volume decreases by 4.7 ± 3.7 ka (in the eccentricity...
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